September 30, 2017 11:32 am

SEHS Hosts Annual History Fair

On the afternoon of September 26, in the reading room of SEHS international department, a well-prepared History Fair was held. All students and teachers from the international department attended this exhibition. Some parents also came to see their children’s works.

This history fair involved a wide range of topics: music, war, diet, nature, aviation, assassination, and diplomacy. There was even a group of students who made an in-depth study on the origin and development of toilets. The vivid explanation not only popularized previously obscure historical knowledge but also received unexpected good results.

History Fair was coordinated by our World History teacher Ms. Marcy while all students have been preparing for this day since the first week of the new semester. First, students were divided into groups based on their interests. They utilized the knowledge they’ve learned from class as well as external resources. Then, they made posters under teachers’ instruction and wrote a formal essay. No more than five minutes since the History Fair began, the whole reading room bustled with excitement.

There were more than 40 booths, each of them crowded by teachers and classmates who were asking questions. Attractive topics, well-designed panels, and fluent explanations drew everyone’s attention. Many freshmen didn’t leave until the end of the exhibition, while Senior 3 students praised the quality of the booths.

This history fair is a demonstration of students’ achievements. They have consolidated their understanding of knowledge and enjoyed research-based history-learning. This activity is an affirmation proactive research, careful verification, and rigorous scholarship.

After the history fair, students will reflect and summarize according to the feedback from the audience to prepare for further research. Ms. Marcy reaffirmed the significance and function of history fair as a cultivation of students’ research and learning abilities. “This research task, which requires students to complete during their spare-time, allows students to choose their own research topics of interest. As a result, students are able to dig deeper into their own interests while stimulating their interest in learning history,” she said.

The history fair is an annual special activity organized by SEHS international department to guide students in discovering and understanding the close relationships between language, history, and culture. It exercises students ‘ability of not just speaking in English but also thinking in English. It also encourages students to learn from history and apply those knowledge to their lives. Through a journey transcending time and space, students have truly realized the beauty of history.

List of Best Projects (Random Order)

A Glimpse into the History of Music During the Vietnam War

By: Lingyun Shao, Zirui Wang

Development of Aviation in the 20th Century

By: Tianchong Jiang, Ziyue Wang

Turing Machine

By: Ziqing Li, Xiaonan Liu

Normandy Landing

By: Beining Chen, Haoyang Sun

Munich Conspiracy

By: Zhuoqun Li, Xinyue Cui

Ancient Greece City-States

By: Tianshu Huang, Yuran Shi


Students Recording Carefully

Students Earnestly Sharing Their Projects

Summary by Ms. Marcy