October 16, 2017 12:02 pm

SEHS Delegation Visited the Augsburg School in Germany

From September 30th to October 6th, 23 people in the delegation of Shandong Experimental High School, led by Lin Gang, were invited to Heike Hohlbein Middle School in Germany.

The themes of this friendly exchange were “protection, application and treatment of water resources”, and “urban construction and protection of urban architecture”. Within a short span of 7 days, the visiting delegation participated in activities closely linked with the themes and communicated comprehensively with the teachers and students of Heike Hohlbein Middle School.

During the visit, our students took class together with German students and fully understood the difference between the two schools in their teaching methods and content. They also contacted with German families and experienced German family education. They visited the facilities of Augsburg water resources development and utilization and studied city building protection and repair. Through this trip, the students not only learned knowledge about water resources and urban architecture but also the German high school curriculum.

Students were touched by the friendship they forged with their German peers while realizing the differences between cultures.  The purpose of interscholastic exchange activities is not only to inspect and learn from each other’s work, but also to provide an opportunity to show our country’s and our school’s culture. From this exchange, both sides can benefit. This exchange has not only broadened students’ views but extended our trust and forged new friendships.

The exchange project is a tradition of our school. Through this platform, we open a window for our students to see the world with an international perspective, raising their critical-thinking skills.