October 26, 2017 12:15 pm

SEHS Students Won Championship in NHSDLC Jinan Division

From October 14th to 15th, the National High School Debate League of China (NHSDLC) 2017 Jinan Regional was smoothly held in Shandong Experimental High school. This is the fourth time in a row that the school held this annual event. In this competition, students of our school were especially outstanding. Gao Xinyu and Zheng Ruichen got first place, and a total of six students were granted the title of “top 10 debaters”. In addition, 19 SEHS teams made into the top 32, 11 of them made into the top 16, and 5 into the final eight, claiming all seats for the semifinals.

There were 79 debate teams with more than 160 debaters from Shandong Experimental High School, Jinan Derun High School, Jinan Foreign Language School, Tianjin Nankai High School, Jinling High School, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School, Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School and Southwest Weiyu High School, a number that exceeded the record.

This competition took the form of public forum debate, and all the debaters debated in English. The debate topic focused on whether the benefits of using artificial intelligence outweigh the harms” The competition lasted two days. After four rounds round-robins and knockouts, SEHS students Chang Xu, Junru Wang, Yunxiang Chi, Haoyu Ma, Xinyu Gao, Ruichen Zheng, Linshuo Li, and Hanqiu Li, reached the octa-final in four teams. After the semifinals, Lin shuo Li, Hanqiu Li, Xinyu Gao and Ruichen Zhang qualified for the final, which was even more exciting. Speaker 1s from each team started the round with their constructive speeches. They were confident, generous, talkative, reasonable and convincing. After that, speaker 2s from each team made their rebuttal statements and questioned each other’s arguments in the crossfire. The most splendid parts were the summaries, the grand crossfire, and the final focus speeches. The audience admired the debaters’ good manners, outstanding speaking skills, and acute minds. According to the final decision by the judge, Gao Xinyu and Zheng Ruichen showed slightly better skills, winning the championship of this contest. Our school showed huge support to this competition. SEHS International Department directors Amy Zhang and Mike Ji gave brilliant suggestions and presented awards to the winners.

On a side note, the debaters were impressed by more than fifty SEHS volunteers’ diligence and professionalism. Our school volunteers formed a beautiful scenery in the competition. Every student who was engaged in this competition improved English speaking skills and the ability to self-reflect and think critically through one debate after another. The communication and cooperation abilities of students also improved terrifically. In conclusion, this event left an indelible mark in students’ lives.

Final Round


NHSDLC Academic Director Carol Making a Summary