October 11, 2017 11:49 am

SEHS Won Three Consecutive Championships in International Space Settlement Design Competition National Finals

2017 International Space Settlement Design Competition national finals ended on October fifth in Beijing. Shandong Experimental High School’s team won the champion again. This team were formed by 12 students who are led by Mr. Shi. Team members included Wang Zirui, Jiang Tianchong, Li Zhuoqun, Zhang Xiaoyu, Zhou Zeqi, Zhang Peizhao, Sun Qi, Niu Xinyu, Wei Yuhao, Wang Xiaotong, Du Haoyang and Hu Wenbo. Since Shandong Experimental High School took part in this contest in 2015, it has won the champion three times. International Space Settlement Design Competition is a highly regarded international contest for high school students all around the world and the most professional aerospace industry simulation for high school students.

240 students selected from various cities across the country participated in the 5-day competition. The students were divided into 5 virtual companies of equal size to complete a comprehensive project. During the process of the competition, contestants flexibly tackled problems with science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics naturally combined. They cooperated with each other to design a suitable immigration plan catering to a bidding presentation, which revealed their distinguished talent. Their cooperative, problem-solving, and management skills all have seen large improvements.

Finally, each virtual company was required to design a space city to accommodate 300 people in a lava tube on the moon surface. The competition took the form a 24-h extreme design challenge. The design requirements include structural, material, infrastructure, environment, automation, timeframe, price. The team of SEHS students cooperated with Xiamen First High school, Hangzhou Second High School, and Captain Wing to run the corporation, Vereinigten Flugfathrte. Wang Zirui, Jiang Tianchong from SEHS were elected as the president and the vice president respectively. During the final presentations, 6 delegates from SEHS gave their speeches, occupying half of the delegates in the company to come on stage. Zhang Xiaoyu, a student from SEHS, hosted the question session after the presentations.

The excellent performance of Shandong Experimental High School’s students helped their virtual company to win the championship of this competition. Zhang Xiaoyu and Wang Xiaotong even became two of the top four speakers. This is the third time Shandong Experimental High School’s students won the championship of ISSDC.

Team Members in Work

Best Male Speaker, Wang Xiaotong

Best Female Speaker, Zhang Xiaoyu

President Wang Zirui and Vice President Jiang Tianchong in Work

Back row from left: Sun Qi, Zhou Zeji, Du Haoyang, Wang Zirui, Jiang Tianchong, Wei Yuhao, and Zhang Peizhao; front row from left: Wang Xiaotong, Zhang Xiaoyu, Niu Xinyu, Li Zhuoqun, Hu Wenbo, and teacher Shi Lei.