November 23, 2017 2:27 pm

The International Department Hosts Student Ambassador Induction Ceremony

On the afternoon of November 20, 2017, the auditorium of the International Department was filled with thunderous applause when the induction ceremony of the new Student Ambassadors successfully ended. All Senior 2 students from the International Department, along with program director Amy Zhang, attended this ceremony. The Student Ambassador program is a student service organization co-founded by students and faculty from the International Department. It was established in May 2017 to encourage students to strive for excellence and give back to the campus community. It played a vital role in organizing the Open House Day, the Reception for the French Delegation, and other large-scale campus activities. Student Ambassadors also started a tutoring program to help students around them, acting as a positive force in the international department.

Student Ambassador Metals

Since this summer vacation, the Student Ambassador program has started its recruiting process. Through essay reviews and faculty voting, the program decided to admit thirteen students from Senior 2 and 3 as this year’s new Student Ambassadors. During the ceremony, Mr. Rodrigues and Mrs. Mieczkowski, as program sponsors from the international department faculty, addressed the audience. Student co-founders from Senior 3 introduced the program in great detail: Mark Zhang stated the mission and the vision of Student Ambassadors, April Hu gave a brief summary on past ambassador activities, Irene Li talked about the responsibility of Student Ambassadors, and Richard Quan announced the names of the students who were admitted.

Mrs. Mieczkowski Addressing the Audience

Under the leadership of Mr. Rodriguez, the new Student Ambassadors declared their oath and solemnly signed their names. Then director Amy Zhang issued the medals to each ambassador. At the same time, the secretly-invited parents of the admitted students showed up as a surprise and joined in a party in the International Department reading room. The party, along with numerous food items, was prepared by the Senior 3 Parents Committee. It brought the new Student Ambassadors closer to each other and induced a family-like warmth and harmony.


Director Amy Zhang Issuing Metals

The Student Ambassador program provides a platform for students to give back to the campus and demonstrate their abilities while promoting communication and unity between faculty and students. Congratulations to our new Student Ambassadors! We look forward to seeing your contributions to our campus community.

Student Co-Founders and Faculty Sponsors