Curriculum Overview

Shandong Experimental High School operates on a semester system: the first semester begins in early February and ends in late June, and the second semester begins in early September and ends in January.

Unlike the United States four-year program, high schools across China pursue a three–year curriculum mandated by the Chinese Educational Department. The American High School Program (SEHS American Program) in SEHS offers a wide variety of courses including Chinese High School Core Curriculum, American High School Core Curriculum, Honors Courses and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.

AP classes are designed to be the equivalent of college entry-level classes that students may take while still in high school. There are final AP exams administered globally in May that are scored from 1-5. SEHS American Program offers fifteen AP courses.

When we started the program in September 2011, each year we enrolled 60 to 80 students through highly competitive entrance examinations. The students in this program do not sit for the GAOKAO (National College Entrance Examination of China). Instead they take standardized tests for college applications beyond mainland China. Additionally, they submit TOEFL / IELTS scores as do other international students.

Our classroom teaching is student-centered and teachers encourage the students to acquire knowledge by doing instead of watching and listening.

Students doing chem

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