Student Ambassadors


The Shandong Experimental High School (SEHS) Student Ambassador program aims to share the values and experiences that our school offers to in-house and prospective students, their families, and community members. SEHS Ambassadors serve as a positive force in bettering the lives of our student body and the people around us. As a program of excellence, the Student Ambassador Program chooses and cultivates developing leaders for our community and the world we live in.


Through this program, Student Ambassadors will develop a greater appreciation for the available educational opportunities, gain a better understanding of the importance of community volunteerism, enhance interpersonal skills, build self-confidence, and foster new relationships and networks. It is our hope that this experience will impel each Ambassador to become a lifelong leader of our community and the world.

Furthermore, the whole campus will benefit from the positive guidance of the ambassadors:  the tutoring program enables students share academic opinions and gain help from fellow students; Visitor Greeting enhances our school figure with diverse campus culture; the positive atmosphere created by the Student Ambassador program encourages every student to aspire for a better self and attracts more prospective students. Given enough time, the community will be influenced by the volunteering and inspiring work of the student ambassadors.

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